Hi, Impact

1976 – a Pisces baby

I was born on a cold March day in Indiana.  I was the first child and the only girl and my family was very religious, Born Again, Fundamental Baptist…boy was I a fish out of water!

Winter of 1985 – Move from the Midwest to the Desert

When I was 9 years old, my dad brought home an old bread truck, packed it up, and moved our family to Mesa, Arizona.  By that time I had 3 younger brothers.  My 4th brother was born in 1986.

1997 – My 1st Kiddo was born

Conner is such a spiritual soul.  He’s a DJ and music producer who focuses on Deep House & Desert House music.

2002 – My 2nd Kiddo was born

Cassidy is driven, this child has taught me that hard work and consistency wins every time.  She’s academic & a competitive dancer.

2004 – Awaken The Giant Within

After a terrible breakup, I went back to work in IT.  I was so unhappy in my job but really did not know what else to do.  One night in Best Buy I was drawn to a Tony Robbins cd – “Awaken The Giant Within”.  After buying it and putting it on my iPod, I listened to that audiobook at least 100 times between 2004-2006.

2006 – The Secret & Law of Attraction

I watched The Secret and was introduced to the law of attraction.  I was immediately hooked.

2006 – Personal Growth & Manifestation

1 month after watching The Secret, I was sitting in the PSI Seminars Basic Seminar.

2007 – I am a worthy, respected, influential leader – confidently taking spontaneous risks now!

In March 2007 I played PLD (Pacesetter’s Leadership Dynamics).  It’s a 90-day Goal Setting game where you have the opportunity to practice goal setting and manifesting your goals.  I played such a huge game.

2009 – Inspirational Spiritual Teacher

After another broken relationship, I hired Al Paparelli as my relationship coach.  That was by far the best decision I’ve made!  Part of that process was getting clear on who I am.  Why I am on this planet.

2012 – One of my brother’s passed away

I shared this part of my story with Alicia Cook & The Advertiser.  You can read more on that part of my story here.

A few months after my brother passed away, I realized I was absolutely miserable working in corporate America.  So I left.

2013 – Married my soulmate

Jason was my client in 2001.  He fell in love with me immediately, it took me a few years to get there.  It was complicated.  We both married the wrong people.  Finally, we figured it out and decided it was ok to be together.

2015 – Addiction Support Podcast

After my youngest brother went back to jail for his heroin addiction, I knew I had to do something.  That’s how Addiction Support Podcast came to be.  You can go here to listen & subscribe.

2016 – 60 Seconds of Solitude

In December of 2016, I wanted an outlet that allowed me to focus on my calling…who I really am.  That’s how 60 Seconds of Solitude came to pass.  You can go here to listen & subscribe.

2017 – Intellectual Property HQ

In June 2017 my husband & I decided to take his successful Intellectual Property Management & Enforcement (offline) consulting business, online.  We’re building out IPHQS.com (slowly but surely).  If you have any IP questions, especially as it relates to Copyright & Trademark Registration, head on over to the site or join us in the Intellectual Property HQ Facebook Group.

2017 – 2018 Chronic Lyme Disease

Intellectual Property HQ had to be put on hold.

After months of being exhausted from the minute I woke up in the morning, brain fog, gaining weight for no reason, and being in pain all the time…I finally got up the courage to go to the doctor.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Co-infections.  It was a spiritual journey as much as a medical one.  In June 2018 I met with Dr. Darin Ingels, started the Chinese herbal protocol and have been feeling amazing since.  Ok, maybe it wasn’t that easy…I did have to change up my diet, start managing my stress, get an infrared sauna, and do some detoxes.  But I really have been feeling better!

I took the rest of 2018 to heal and learn to trust that my body did not betray me.

2019 – Online Marketing for People Who Are Making A Difference

The end of 2018 people started asking me if I would help them with their marketing.  I started doing website audits, helping people with their SEO, and coaching people to start doing FaceBook lives.

That has been so much fun that I’ve taken it to the next level.  I’m in this crazy place where I am turning people away if their brand or message doesn’t align with my beliefs and what I’m about.  Next steps will be building out online courses and growing my agency.

If you’ve read this far…you’re probably wondering if we might be able to work together.  I don’t currently have a one-size-fits-all package I can offer you.  I’d love it if you’d schedule a zoom call with me!  We can jump on video, you can share what you’re working on, and I can let you know if I think I can support you.

Click here to schedule that call.

 Random Fun Facts, Accomplishments, and Things I’m Pretty Proud Of!

    • One of my ancestors was a signer on the Declaration of Independence – William Floyd, New York (Floyd is my maiden name)
    • Learning about (and using) the Request to Speak option on www.azleg.gov
    • Contributing to getting the Naloxone bill through the AZ House & Senate and approved within 1 year. It was the very last bill passed in 2016 and they passed it around 3am.  My son (18 years old at the time) spoke to the Senate Health Committee.  They went from wanting to postpone the vote, to passing it unanimously after my kiddo and 3 others spoke.  Showing him that he has a voice and it can make a difference was one of my proudest parenting moments.

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